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Why no phone number?

We’re as quick as we can be to respond to digital communication, but we keep a strange set of hours — early fishing charters, late-night bookings. We’re out at sea, we’re running around the marina — we have people working even at 11 pm answering emails.

Our inbox is open from 8am-12am, but it’s hard to guarantee staff will always be at a desk for a phone call.

I love this article from explaining how phone calls can interrupt efficiency. It may sound strange, but believe it or not, we can actually get back to all guests faster if we keep things digital. With digital communication, we answer each inquiry in order as fast as we can, as they come in.

Here’s the article about phone call inefficiency.

It’s not that we don’t want to talk to you over the phone — we’d be more than happy to schedule a call for custom questions, specific details once we’ve been in touch about your charter details through your inquiry request on the site or webchat.

Selecting the boat you’re interested in chartering and following the booking inquiry prompts is the best way to get in touch, or using this contact form on the page here.

Email is a great way to get in touch

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    Where are we located?

    We operate out of 2 marinas in Cancun: Marina V&V (also called La Amada), and Marina Puerto Cancun.

    When you make a reservation with us we’ll let you know the exact location of the boat you’re booking. We can also help you schedule round-trip, private transportation, if needed.